Survey Reveals Quirky Driving Habits On UK Roads

A recent study conducted by, a price comparison site has revealed that most Brits get behind the wheels of their car while wearing high heels or slippers, while others confessed that they drive barefoot.

The survey polled 2000 drivers and around 25% of the drivers admitted to having driven around in their pyjamas. 10% of the drivers said they had taken their cars on the road while wearing slippers while 40% of the female drivers had said they had driven their cars in high heels.

Men aged 25-34 and females between 18-24 years were found most likely to take their car out while wearing slippers. Also, 22% of males also admitted to the questionable practice of driving with bare feet. When the same question was posed to women, an estimated 24% replied with an affirmative.

Aside from the matter of footwear, the site picked up various other dubious habits of drivers, which included the frustrating habit of women to apply make-up while driving. Around 10% women admitted to this practice. Men fared no better, with 15% having shaved behind the wheel.

Hilariously, in the battle to stay focussed on the road, women trumped their male counterparts with only 18% saying that they regularly looked around to check out attractive drivers in the vehicles around them, as opposed to 47% of male drivers.

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