Car Drivers Make Fewer Journeys

A survey has shown that increasing motoring costs are mainly responsible for not far off half the drivers in the UK undertaking fewer journeys.

Post Office Car Insurance conducted a poll revealing that up to 46% of drivers are staying at home more and not venturing out in their cars as often.

Around 31% of drivers have reduced the amount they are spending on fuel or have travelled from forecourt to forecourt in an attempt to get the cheapest deal on fuel. Interestingly, 27% intended to drive at a reduced speed in an attempt to use less petrol or diesel.

The responses from the 2,414 drivers who took part in the poll revealed the biggest apprehension for drivers was an increase in petrol and diesel prices at the pumps. The second largest concern was the running costs of their car, followed by the increasing costs of car insurance, then the unsatisfactory state many of our roads are in and, finally, drivers who are not insured.

Asked to prioritise changes those respondents felt a fuel tax reduction, then harsher laws to deter drivers not taking out car insurance followed by more money being spent on improving our road network were the main areas to look at.

About 22% of drivers taking part stated that the age limit to legally drive should be increased.

The Post Office’s Head Of Insurance, Gerry Barrett, stated: “For many drivers, their car is their lifeline and many people rely on their car every day.

“With approximately 405 trips made by every driver each year and with the cost of fuel jumping 52% in the last five years, it is not surprising that motorists are becoming increasingly worried about rising fuel prices and the general cost of running their car.”

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