Mobile Phone Convictions Affect Car Insurance Premiums

In England and Wales in excess of 170,000 people per annum are caught whilst on their mobile phone whilst they are driving.

This offence carries the same fine as for speeding but car insurers are taking a dimmer view of the former offence with drivers being faced with far greater rises in their car insurance premiums.

In fact the Automobile Association (AA) has undertaken some research and found that if you are convicted because you were caught on your mobile phone whilst driving you could end up with a 20% increase in premiums on your car insurance. This is a significant amount above the 9.3% increase you would be faced with for one speeding conviction that also has the same £60 fine and three points added to your license. Worse still, you may even be declined for car insurance.

Mobile phone users may need car insurance quotes if fined for mobile phone use in carIan Crowder, a spokesman for the AA stated: ‘Insurers are taking mobile phone offences very seriously. Their opinion is a motorist might break a 30mph speed limit without noticing but no one sends a text message, email or makes a phone call behind the wheel by accident.

‘It might seem severe but when operating a mobile phone you don’t have both hands on the steering wheel, you aren’t looking fully at the road and can’t change gears safely.’

The Association of British Insurers added: ‘One conviction for using a mobile is unlikely to preclude a motorist from getting insurance altogether although inevitably it will cost more.’

So, if you are convicted for using your mobile phone whilst driving, at very least, be prepared for a significant increase in car insurance premiums. Surely that phone call, text or e-mail could have waited until you were in a safe, legal position to deal with the call.

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