5 Cars Boy Racers Love

How often have you popped into McDonald’s late at night on the way home to have a Big Mac and seen a row of cars lined up next to one another in the car park. The occupants of the cars, some with baseball caps adorning their heads, are discussing the day’s events through open windows and, perhaps, smoking a cigarette.

Every A Boy Racer should get several car insurance quotes to try to get cheaper car insuranceDespite the double-glazing in the restaurant you can hear their powerful engines revving.

Your perception of what you can see may not be good but if you were to look beyond that and observe the cars they are driving you will notice that they have spent considerable time customizing their “pride and joy” including having an expensive paint-job done and then kept their cars looking immaculate. For a few minutes your opinion may change-well at least until they accelerate rapidly and noisily out of the car park and into the distance.

So who are driving these cars? – Boy Racers!

Most Boy Racers would probably love to drive a Porsche or Ferrari but tend to settle for something a little less expensive like the following: –

Ford Focus

The Ford Focus is perhaps larger than most cars boy racers drive and, therefore, more expensive to customize but nonetheless, when fitted with a larger engine, it doesn’t half move with superb acceleration, smooth gear change, good braking, positive steering and good road holding.

Renault Clio

This is more the size for a Boy Racer. Small and great fun to drive with good handling and excellent acceleration and that is just without any significant modifications. Put in a larger engine and you really are in a different category. Fit a sports steering wheel, Recaro car seats, respray and a fantastic sound system and you will never want to part with it.

Volkswagen Golf

It has to be the Volkswagen Golf GTi version. They retain their value exceedingly well so it won’t be cheap to secure one but at least you should not need to change the engine-plenty of power under the bonnet. Roomy inside but you’re not really bothered about that. No doubt you will personalise it inside with those tried and tested Recaro car seats as your friend has done in his Renault Clio, new gear knob to help with the slick gear change and on the outside a special custom paint job with new lights.

Ford Fiesta Mark IV

The Ford Fiesta Mark IV is another tried and tested Fiesta model. Although acceleration isn’t particularly good, unless you put a new engine in of course, the road handling is excellent with sensitive steering and the usual solid gear change that you get with Ford- you will not be unhappy. There are so many ways of customising this little car with alloy wheels, new lighting, paint job, rear spoiler, tinted windows and so much more to create your own stamp on it.

Vauxhall Corsa

The Vauxhall Corsa has been around for a few years now and lends itself to you adding your personal touch to it. You may decide to replace the engine, designer paintwork, new wheels, make some subtle changes to the bodywork and you haven’t even started on the interior yet. Acceleration is good as is the ride but you will no doubt want to replace the steering wheel with something a little more sporty.

Unfortunately, where the Boy Racer, does loose out is in not being able to arrange cheaper car insurance due to their age and the fact that they have customized their vehicle.  Remember, even if you just put alloy wheels on your car you need to notify the car insurance provider. So, you may want to compare car insurance quotes on a car insurance comparison price website to try to get a good deal.

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