Free Drive Smart Tuition Offered By The AA To ‘Black Box’ Motorists

In March 2012 the AA introduced their black box or telematic “pay how you drive” car insurance to drivers. Now those drivers are to be offered Drive Smart tuition for free.

Car insurance using Black Box technology helps reduce premiums The AA says that those drivers who signed up for the car insurance in March have already demonstrated that they are less likely to have an accident than the average driver. As a result some policyholders are to receive a refund of part of their car insurance premiums.

However, some drivers are still showing that their standard of driving has only improved a little or in some cases not at all. Furthermore a lot of drivers take some time to become accustomed to having to think how they should adjust their style of driving based on the road conditions they are faced with.

The director of AA Insurance, Simon Douglas felt that by them offering motorists with this type of car insurance policy Drive Smart tuition it could aid drivers to start to drive in such a way that their safety would improve together with other road users safety from the very beginning.

Simon Douglas said: “If they can immediately demonstrate an improving standard of driving they are significantly reducing the risk of having a crash. They also stand to be rewarded with a decent refund, bringing down the premiums that they pay.”

He further added: “The best new drivers could see their first year’s premium halved, taking into account both their no-claim and good driving bonus.”

The AA is not, of course, the only car insurer to offer this type of car insurance. Young drivers are having to pay very large car insurance premiums so they would find this type of scheme potentially beneficial if it were able to help safe young drivers obtain lower car insurance premiums as quickly as possible.

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