Insuring Your Car When Taking It Abroad

An increasing number of holidaymakers are now travelling from the UK across to Europe in their cars and driving a considerable number of miles in EU countries, partly due to flights becoming more expensive.

Make sure you have adequate car insurance if you travel to EuropeA staggering amount of motorists believe that there existing fully comprehensive car insurance that they have in place when driving in the UK will cover them for the same level of cover whilst travelling abroad in EU countries.

Whilst this may be the case with some car insurance companies it is not the situation with all of them. Some will only provide the minimum level of cover that is required in the country you are travelling in Europe such as third party cover.

Therefore it is important that you check with your car insurance company to establish exactly what cover you will have in the likes of France, Belgium and other EU countries.

If you find that you will not have fully comprehensive cover abroad and you want that level of cover you should be able to purchase such cover from your existing car insurer for a small additional premium.

Another condition in your policy that should be checked is the period that you are allowed to drive your car overseas. This tends to vary for periods ranging from 30 to 120 days that is, of course, adequate to cover 1 trip lasting 2 weeks but if you were a frequent traveller it may be different.

Another thing to consider at the same time is what breakdown cover you currently have as it is almost certainly not going to include cover for travelling in Europe unless you included this when taking out the policy so you will need to consider upgrading it to include EU cover.

So, add this to your list of things to sort out before you venture off on holiday to the South of France.

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