Speeding Fines Increase Car Insurance Premiums

Get a speeding ticket and see your car insurance premium go up dramatically – you have been warned!

Don't exceed the speed limit or your car insurance premium will increase if you are convicted.When you come upon that speed warning sign flashing to tell you that you are doing 40mph in a 30mph zone do not ignore it- put your foot carefully on the brake and return to within the speed limit. Otherwise, you may just find, around the corner, a mobile police speeding camera van together with a uniformed police officer holding the camera, pointing it in your direction, waiting to record your speed, pull you over and fine you on the spot.

But it does not just stop their because you will get points on your license and see your car insurance premiums increase probably by more than the amount of the speeding fine. Don’t forget, that increase is not just for the next year – it will be with you for several years to come and do not think that you can just transfer your car insurance to another provider to avoid the increase in premium because you will need to declare your speeding conviction on your new application.

MoneySupermarket have issued figures that reveal a male young driver between 21 and 30 years of age, who has accumulated 9 points on his driving license, will end up paying 118% more than his twin brother who has a clean driving license.

A male driver age 30 who has got 3 points on his driving license will pay an average premium of £439 whilst, if that same driver had a further 3 points added to his license making a total of 6 points, he would have to pay an average of £702 per annum-a 60% increase.

So, ask yourself the question-is it worth taking the risk by speeding just to get somewhere else a minute quicker? If you knocked someone over and either injured them or killed them can you imagine the repercussions? Imagine if that person was a member of your family or a close family friend?

The solution is simple-do not break the speed limit.

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