Specialist Car Insurance

There are various specialist, niche car insurance policies available to cater for so many different and unusual cars in the UK. The perception is that this type of car insurance is much more expensive to arrange but this is not necessarily the case.

if you own a kit car or a classic car you will want specialist car insuranceThis is because many of the specialist car insurance website owners and brokers have been in the business of insuring niche cars for many years and have been able to build up very good relationships with some of the specialist car insurance companies and negotiated excellent deals.

Also, very importantly, a potential benefit is that some of these specialist car insurers provide a very high level of cover.

Below are some of the specialist types of car insurance that are available online: –

Classic car insurance

All you need to do is key “classic car insurance quotes” into your browser’s search box and you will be presented with numerous pages of companies offering this type of car insurance.

You can arrange this type of cover either direct with a well known car insurance provider, a specialist broker or visiting a classic car insurance comparison website to name but a few options.

It is quite possible that the premiums payable to insure your classic car may be lower than that of ordinary car insurance. There are a couple of reasons why this could be the case- the owner of a classic car is more likely to take care of their pride and joy and you will be limited as to how many miles you will travel in the car each year.

Japanese import car insurance

These cars tend to be imported because their specification is good, they tend to have a lower mileage than many other second hand cars and they are right hand drive.

Although they are popular many large car insurance providers either don’t cover them or, if they do, may charge a high premium.

Many specialist car insurers of this type of car are able to arrange “grey import insurance” that can often be tailored to meet your driving requirements at an affordable premium.

Kit car insurance

Kit cars tend to be built using some expensive parts so, this niche type of insurance, will cover such items whereas a standard policy may not do so. A kit car tends to hold its value or even appreciate in value so kit car insurance will usually provide “agreed value” cover ensuring that should your car be say written off you will receive the true value for it rather than the normal market value.

So, should you be looking to purchase a car that is just that little bit unusual, spend some time looking at the specialist car insurance available.

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