Business Car Insurance

car insurance cover for your business vehicles

Save money on business car insurance

Business car insurance is designed specifically for people who have to use their own car as a part of their jobs. If your place of work requires that you drive your car for business purposes, more coverage is often required. Typical car insurance policies cover only domestic, pleasure, social, and commute usage of personal cars. Business car insurance applies specifically to job-related use. When you begin looking for UK business car insurance, company representatives will ask you questions regarding how much mileage directly relating to your work will be accrued and you will have to detail precisely what the business use of the car entails. These questions are asked so that the right kind of coverage can be applied to your car. There are three kinds of insurance for business vehicles, and which you need depends on how you use the car.

Types of Business Car Insurance

Private and occasional business use insurance covers the car’s primary driver as well as his or her spouse who also uses the car for work only occasionally. The car in this case is not registered under the name of the business and cannot be used for a large portion of the job, such as for a travelling salesman or deliveryman. Private and business use insurance covers the same details as private and occasional, with the difference being that it can be registered under the name of the business and will provide coverage for any driver. Commercial travelling insurance covers cars that are driving as an integral part of the job, such as a door-to-door salesman. It is essential that you understand which of these types of insurance your car will qualify under. Having the wrong policy can mean you are underinsured and the company can even refuse to pay a claim on the car in the event of an accident.

Cutting Business Car Premium Costs

It is often possible to negotiate a better deal on your policy simply by agreeing with your agent on a limit for the mileage that will be put on the car. Keep in mind that this relies on you travelling only short distances, so it is not particularly suitable for someone who uses their car a great deal in the course of their job. Installing security features in your car can make premiums much more affordable, as well. Devices such as immobilisers and lockdown mechanisms can keep your car from being driven away in the event that a thief gets into it. A GPS device is also convenient because it can be activated remotely and the authorities can find your car right away in the event that it is taken. It is important to discuss changes to your car with your insurance company before they are performed – some might not help you to obtain discounts. Having a secure place, such a locking garage, to store your business car overnight can also help you get a lower premium. Whether the car will be parked on the premises of a secured business area or in your own locked garage, let your insurance provider know about this. Keep in mind when choosing a car specifically for business purposes that it would benefit you to buy one with a smaller engine. The larger and more powerful an engine, the higher your premiums will be.

Comparing Business Car Quotes

You can find cheap car insurance policies by using online comparison sites. These websites provide quotes from dozens of insurance companies, allowing you to compare premiums as well as the coverage that comes in under them. When filling out the form with your information, you can specify that the car in question will be utilised for business purposes. This will give you quotes coming from companies that provide business car insurance coverage. Make sure to check the benefits that go along with those dazzlingly low prices, though – you don’t want to buy a policy and find out that you don’t have the right coverage during a time when you need it most.