Performance Car Insurance

car insurance for high performance cars

Compare car insurance for performance cars

If you are considering the purchase of a high performance vehicle, you should prepare yourself now. Your premiums will go up on performance car insurance. This is because performance cars accelerate more quickly and to higher speeds than your everyday vehicle. They are also usually modified either to be more beautiful or to go even faster, and are more attractive to thieves than your normal car. Insurance providers take the view that modifications such as spoilers or lowered suspension can have an adverse affect on the way that the car handles when driven. They also typically cost much more to repair because the replacement components are harder to find and are more expensive. Insurance companies take all of this into account, and as a result, high performance cars are classified into higher insurance groups. This means that it will cost much more to obtain performance car insurance on them.

What Classifies as High Performance?

When you are thinking about buying a high performance vehicle, keep in mind that sports high performance cars and modified high performance cars are not the same thing. The latter variety often costs a bit more to insure. A car can be classified as a high performance model if it is imported, highly modified, has been built from a kit, or even if it simply has a more powerful engine than an ordinary car.

How to Make Your Performance Car Insurance Cheaper

Do a bit of research before you buy a performance car. Find out whether or not parts for the car will be difficult to obtain. This can be particularly difficult for cars that are imports. Check whether it will be easy to find someone to repair your car or if you will have to hunt down someone who can repair it properly. Either of these things can increase your premiums. High performance cars can be a bit harder to handle than an ordinary car because of their acceleration and speed. If you are not used to this, you might consider signing up for an advanced driving class. This can make your premiums go down because the insurance company will see you as being more responsible for taking the course. You may want to obtain your insurance policy through a company that provides insurance for specialist vehicles and has a good deal of experience with performance cars. This can save you money because they often have discounts pertaining to performance vehicles that a standard insurance provider may not feature. A limited mileage agreement will also lower your insurance costs. When you do not drive the car as your everyday transportation, companies that provide performance car insurance will often give you a discount on limited mileage.

Security Features for Performance Cars

You can allay some of the cost of premiums on performance car insurance by having safety features installed in your vehicle. High performance cars are very attractive to thieves and have a higher chance of being stolen. Having security devices installed can deter thieves or keep them from getting away with your car. An alarm is great, but it is even better – and will help you to get a larger discount – if you have an immobiliser, a lockdown device, or a GPS locator so that your car can be found immediately in the event that it is stolen.

Finding Insurance for Your Performance Vehicle

You can find performance car coverage through many online insurance comparison sites. These will allow you to search for an affordable policy and look at quotes provided from a large number of UK insurance companies. You will be able to compare the prices for cheap car insurance policies, allowing you to insure your performance car without damaging your budget.