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Save money on insurance for your sports car

Car insurance companies calculate your premiums by taking many things in your situation into consideration. One of the primary factors in this is how high risk your vehicle is. When you know this, discovering that sports car insurance can be quite expensive will not come as a shock. Sports cars are usually classified as high performance vehicles because they are capable of achieving high speeds and have quick acceleration. They are also built from more costly components that typically cost a great deal to replace in the event that you have an accident or break down. Their aesthetic beauty and power also makes them a more attractive target for thieves. These things combined translate into very high risk in a car insurance company’s eyes. There are ways to make your sports car insurance more affordable, however.

Sports Car Insurance Discounts to Look For

Many insurance companies that offer specialist insurance, such as that for sports cars, also offer discounts for people who make their ownership lower risk. If you are a member of an enthusiast’s club geared toward sports car owners, you may qualify for a discount because insurance providers find that those who belong to this sort of club care for their vehicle more and are therefore less likely to be reckless with their car. If you won’t be driving your sports car as everyday transportation, consider talking to your insurance provider about a limited mileage agreement. With this, you can use your car infrequently, take it to exhibitions, or use is on a racing track while saving money because it is not seeing the more significant dangers of daily road use. If you want to enjoy your car on a racing track, make sure that your policy covers this. Many specialist companies offer extra cover for this that you can buy for individual periods of time or keep on your policy permanently.

Lowering Your Sports Car Insurance Premiums

If you wish to keep your insurance premiums low, try to avoid or limit any modifications to its body or engine. The more powerful the engine, the more expensive your premiums will be. A great deal of modifications can also make it more difficult to obtain insurance at all or could invalidate the policy that you already hole. Before making any modification, check with your insurance agent to make sure that it will not violate your policy or whether it can be covered. Volunteering to pay more deductible – also called excess – can lower your premiums quite a bit. However, remember that the amount of your deductible is the amount that you will have to pay out of pocket in the event that your car is in an accident. It should be an amount that you could feasibly pay if you have to make a claim. If you will have any named drivers listed on your policy, make sure that these people are 25 years and older – your insurance providers will view anyone under this age as high risk and could raise your premium to account for this. Parking your car in a locking garage or other secure area when it is not in use can bring your premiums down, as can some security devices. Installing security devices that your sports car insurance company has approved, such as an alarm, lockdown mechanism, immobiliser, or GPS locator, can lower the cost of your premiums because they can keep your car from being successfully stolen.

Saving by Finding Sports Car Coverage Online

You can find quite cheap car insurance by searching through an online comparison site. This type of site will allow you to enter a bit of personal information and your car’s needs, returning a large number of quotes from dozens of UK insurance companies so that you can compare the prices and the coverage that they provide. Finding an insurance policy this way means that you have a wider range of choices, rather than depending on strictly the bricks and mortar companies locally.