Student Car Insurance

car insurance for students

You could get special student discounts on car insurance

Most young people do not have any familiarity with living on a budget until they go away to the freedom of university. Trying to keep a car while being on a budget can be difficult for students. It is for this reason that obtaining cheap car insurance quotes is vital for them. Unfortunately, students are viewed as a high risk by insurance companies, making it harder for these individuals to purchase it inexpensively. Even if your home address is in a great neighbourhood, the address where you move so that you can attend school could affect your insurance detrimentally because of crime rates or accident statistics. It can be very tempting for a student to buy the very cheapest policy that they can find, but this is often a bad idea. Before purchasing a student car insurance policy, you should know exactly what it will cover and what its restrictions are, as well as how to save some extra money on it.

Saving Money on Student Car Insurance

When you choose your car, buy a sensible model with a small engine. This will help you to get the lowest premiums possible. A high performance car that is made to be beautiful and go fast will only cost you more. Fully comprehensive coverage might cover too much for you, especially if you have a used car or a much older model. If a policy covers more than your car is worth, you are probably paying far too much. It could be worth it to you to look into third party and third party, theft and fire insurance policies. If you do not drive very far and put very little mileage on your car, talk to your insurance company about a limited mileage agreement. This will put a restriction on how far you can drive annually, but it can bring your premiums down quite a bit. Make sure that the number of miles that you agree upon will get you back and forth to school, to visits home, your job, or any other places that you drive regularly.

Finding Discounts

Investing a bit of money to install security features such as an alarm, immobiliser, lockdown device, or a GPS locator will benefit you. This investment will come back to you in savings on your premiums – as well as your deductible, in the event that someone steals or attempts to steal your car. Ask your insurance agent about accelerated no claims bonuses. Some companies offer these to students who have a good driving record, allowing you to earn a no claims bonus on your student car insurance policy in as few as nine months rather than waiting a year or more. Taking a Pass Plus course can save you a bit of money, as well – 10% or more on your first year – because insurance providers feel that having this course experience makes a young driver more responsible. Good student discounts may be available to you, as well. If your grades are excellent, you could qualify for a significant discount. Being a member of any student organisations can help this, as well. The better a student you are, the more responsible your insurance provider will view you as being.

Student Car Insurance Comparisons

You can find affordable student car insurance policies by using an online comparison site, as well. These will help you to locate the most inexpensive quotes with the most coverage for your money. You can compare the prices of policies provided through dozens of UK insurance companies and purchase the one that fits you and your situation the best. The convenience of purchasing the policy that you choose directly through the comparison site is often available, but many also allow you to click through to the company’s site to check it out in greater detail, too.