Car Insurance Tips

Car insurance is expensive. You spend a lot of money on a policy that you hope to never have to get back, because seeing a return on it would mean you have had an accident. However, there are several car insurance tips that can help you to make your car insurance premiums cost less, saving you money.

Keep an Eye on Your Mileage

Most car insurance providers calculate your premium payments, at least in part, by taking your annual mileage into consideration. You might be paying for driving distance that you are not actually driving, though. Keep track of how much you drive per month on average and compare this to the number of miles that you are paying for on your policy. Figure in how many miles you drive on your commute, as well as for social reasons and other activities. Just make sure that you don’t underestimate how much you will be driving. Going over the mileage that is agreed upon in your policy could invalidate it.

Increase Your Voluntary Excess

The excess is what you will pay out of your own pocket when a claim is made before the insurance provider will pay. One of the most common car insurance tips is to increase your voluntary excess. The higher you make your excess, the lower your premiums will be (to an extent). This is more suitable for individuals who are exceedingly careful and have a perfect driving record, though. If your history when it comes to accidents is a bit more colourful, you may not want to go in this direction.

Look at Your Cover

There are three basic types of cover: third party, third party fire and theft, and fully comprehensive. Third party is the least expensive and covers the fewest situations, while fully comprehensive covers more situations and typically costs a bit more. Before you choose a type of policy, though, do a bit of research into which fits you best. You might be surprised which fits best into your budget.

Cut Down on Extras

Another of many good car insurance tips is taking a look at your policy extras. Most insurance policies offer extras that you can opt into, such as a courtesy car, breakdown services, or legal expense coverage. These all cost you more, though. Take another look at your policy and decide which extras are necessary and which you can do without.

Have Your Car Appraised

Be honest about the value of your car. It is important to know that no matter what you value the car at, your insurance provider will pay only the current market price of the vehicle if you need to make a claim. Telling the insurance company that your car is worth more than it really is will only make your premium higher.

Make Your Vehicle Secure

The better your car’s security features, the more you will save on your premiums. This may be one of the best car insurance tips you get. Thatcham approved devices can get you significant discounts on your insurance. A car alarm and immobiliser or lockdown device can help in this manner, and a GPS locator could be indispensible if you have a more expensive car. You can also receive a discount by keeping your car stored in a locking garage overnight, when it is not in use.

Online Comparison and Purchase

One of the ultimate car insurance tips is to buy your insurance online. You can often find quite cheap car insurance by using an online comparison site for UK insurance. By entering just a bit of personal information and details regarding your vehicle, you can find many affordable quotes and compare them to locate the most affordable and appropriate policy for your unique situation.

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