Women’s Car Insurance

Car insurance policies tailored for women

Save money on women's car insurance

Where it was once a marginal business, women’s car insurance has come into an industry all its own. There are even companies out there that were created to dedicate themselves to providing female drivers with insurance. Women often receive lower premiums than men, mainly because of the statistics diving men’s and women’s driving habits. Women file fewer claims, and the claims that they do file tend to be far less expensive than those filed by male motorists. While the difference in claim numbers is not wide, they are for different severities of accident – women’s claims are most often for smaller bumps, while the claims made by men tend toward being costly write-offs. Government estimates have conclude that male drivers make up more than 92% of the driving convictions in the UK and 98% of all convictions made for dangerous behaviour behind the wheel. For these reasons, women fall into a far lower risk group, in the eyes of insurance companies, so they benefit from more inexpensive premiums.

How to Save Money on Women’s Car Insurance

While you can save a good deal of money by purchasing a policy made specifically for women, there is nothing that says you have to stop there. There are quite a few things that you can do to save even more on your premiums. Keep in mind that the make and model of your vehicle affects your premiums significantly. If you are in the market for a new car, choose one that has a smaller engine is not too flashy. Modifications can make your premiums go up, as well, especially if they are on the engine. You can also take a look at how much mileage you will be driving. Add up all of the mileage that you spend on going to and from work, errands, on social activities, and anything else that you regularly do. You can discuss this with your insurance agent and create a mileage agreement on your policy. Just make sure to take any emergencies into account when you estimate how many miles you will be driving annually. Security features that are approved by your insurance company can save you some money, as well. An alarm is a great deterrent to would-be thieves. An immobiliser or lockdown devices can keep a thief from getting away with your vehicle in case they do manage to get inside, and a GPS locator can be activated right away to help the authorities to locate your car.

Can Men Benefit from Women’s Car Insurance Discounts?

While there is no parallel insurance of this sort for men, men can benefit from women’s car insurance discounts, as well. Men can have themselves listed as a named driver on a woman’s policy – this is often far cheaper than buying a policy of his own and is very useful for a man who is sharing a car with a woman, such as his wife or young drivers who are brother and sister sharing a vehicle. The only drawback to this is that the male will be unable to build up a no claims bonus because he is not the primary driver. Men can also save a bit by having a woman listed as a named driver on his car insurance policy.

How to Find Women’s Car Insurance

One of the best ways to find women’s cheap car insurance is by utilising an online comparison website for UK insurance. After entering a few personal details, the specifics of your car, and the variety of insurance that you are looking for, you can look through dozens of affordable quotes provided through many insurance companies and compare them until you find both the price that you like and the coverage that you and your car need.